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IRS Audit-Proofing


Asset Protection


Profit Planning


Live calls hosted by Al twice a month with QA educational content (no selling) and guest experts on specialized topics


A partial list of topics:


Highly Profitable Entity Structuring – Best protection and max tax savings

Step-by-Step Procedures Setting up an LLC the RIGHT way

The Power of Using Trusts For Privacy Protection

Total Dealer Avoidance to Avoid This Costly Trap

Structuring 1031 Exchanges to Accumulate Wealth

Overlooked Deductions, Strategies and Savings

How to do Componentizing (Cost Seg Analysis) and create huge savings

Self-Directed IRA tax-Free Strategies

Protecting All of Your Assets

CPA’s – Finding Them, Firing Them, Dealing with Them

How to Use a Bookkeeper and Save $1,000’s in CPA Fees

Selling Properties Tax-Free


Costly Tax Traps to Avoid

The Power of Real Estate Options

Overlooked Dollar-for- Dollar Tax Credits

Entity Structuring for  Businesses Other Than Real Estate

“Strategy Linking” – Combining Strategies for HUGE savings

Insider IRS Audit Updates – Keep the IRS Out of Your Life

Family Planning

Small Business Tax-Reduction Tips

How to Get Low Interest Credit Lines

How to Increase Your Credit Scores

Profit Planning for Your Real Estate Business

How to Increase Your Properties’ Cash Flow

Using the Internet for Your Real Estate Business

Important Tax Law Updates


Plus: Open QA  - A variety of topics

And more at your suggestions



PLUS: Telecalls are recorded for replays so a member can listen to them
at any time and also downloadable to their IPOD or MP3.


Al’s E-Newsletter - GOLDMINE-GOLD.   Great content-driven articles on Wealth Protection including important updates.  Al will reveal is best kept secrets on tax-reduction, IRS audit proofing, asset protection and real estate investing.  These money-saving gems will only be in this newsletter and nowhere else!


Email QA Access Directly to AL for Your Real Estate Tax Questions. Responded by Al with prompt expert results. You will not only  save $1,000’s in taxes, but also in legal accounting fees!  There is NO question real estate taxation that Al cannot address!  AL, I am so impressed how quickly you respond.  I am truly glad to be a student of yours and will recommend others to you.  I feel I have used my money wisely.”  God Bless!

--- Melody ([email protected]).


“I’ve sent Albert several times with questions and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly he responded….usually in less than 5 minutes.  This service was worth the entire fee all by itself!!”

--- Ed Carter, Investor, Atlanta, GA.


Access to A Network Of Top Experts In Their Fields. Al’s Rolodex of difficult-to-finds top experts – CPA’s, attorneys, 1031 specialists, IRS specialists, many more. It would take you hours, even days or weeks to find these high-quality specialists. You save time and money! I  want to thank you, Al Aiello, for the referral to that fine CPA and wish to support the ongoing referrals based upon my knowledge of his acumen that was gathered in our in-depth interview”

--- William R. Donaldson, Esq., Danbury, CT 06810


Discounts Off Al Aiello Publications.  After 3 months of your subscription, you will receive at least a 20% discount off the seminar price Al’s publications – home study systems, reports, e-books, etc… including new ones and upgrades to present ones


Availability And Discounts Off Al Aiello Expert One-on-One Consulting.  Al charges $250 a half- hour for a phone consultation… and only if  he is available.  For you… only $100 and Al will make himself  available especially for you and save you thousands!







_Educational QA Live Calls (No selling) – Twice a month (posted to member-only web site if you miss live call)







_Al’s E-Newsletter - Great Articles on Wealth Protection




_Email QA Access Directly to AL for Your RE Tax Questions





_Access to A Network Of Top Experts In Their Fields




_Discounts Off Al Aiello Publications (after 3 months)




_Availability and Discounts Off Al Aiello Expert Consulting









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